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This page was created by Kostas E. Karystinos with the assistance of Andreas A. Karystinos and the html guidance of Bob Grove. It was first made available to the netizens on October 1, 1996. This homepage does not claim to serve as an authoritative source on Poros. Simply, it attempts --hopefully successfully-- to give the visitor a taste of Poros. Most of the information was derived from personal experiences, local hearsay, and secondary sources.

Credit is due to Giannis Poulakis whose book "Poros and Its History" (1993) was an invaluable source for the statistical and historical aspects of this page.

Any suggestions, additional information, mistakes, omissions, corrections, updates or revisions will be greatly appreciated. Therefore, please send an e-mail to


The photograph on the "cover" of the homepage is courtesy of Florian M. Schwandner who studied and wrote about the geology of Poros. The following photographs appeared in the Greek National Tourist Organization's "yearbook" on Greece published in 1987. The evening photograph of Poros was taken by N. Kontos. The photograph of the channel from a rooftop on Poros and the photograph of the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus were taken by G. Giannelos. The big photograph showing the Clocktower was taken by K. Bogdanos. The photograph of Tourkolimano in Piraeus was taken by G. Gregoriou. The color map of Poros was extracted from a map published by Greco Card Ltd. The remaining photos were taken from the Greek National Tourist Organization's "yearbook" on Greece published in 1990.

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    ColorMap of Poros

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